CEO Profile

The desire to help and equip the deserving and hardworking micro entrepreneurs is the driving force why we have set-up the Web Express Business (WEXB). On the helm of this new innovation technology company is the 58 year old, people oriented and charismatic leader, Dr Joey Aranal, Ph.D. He is impressed on how several technology entrepreneurs that inspite of lack of educational qualifications and limited start-up capital, the industry have raised many billionaires in a short span of time.

The key here is to believe in the concept and work on it. When Bill Gates is starting-up his innovative ideas, not many people believed in him nor want to invest their time and money. Now it is history, in 40 years he is the richest man in the world with networth of over 76.2 Billion USD and counting. Mark Zuckerberg did not know that his Facebook concept will catapult him to the 16th richest man in the world in just 11 short years with networth of over 38.9 Billion USD and counting.

Joey Aranal received government stipend and university scholarships while in college. Earned full time employment at the age of 17 and a half while in the Philippines, worked overseas in the Middle East, parts of Asia and the Pacific, and later in the African continent. His long years of experience working for the corporate world opened up his connections and eventually fuelled his interest to go into business, consultancy and even network marketing. His blend of experience in the corporate environment and business of his own, have allowed him to travel over 160 cities in 35 countries.

This experience is what Joey Aranal wanted to contribute to educate people like you and train you to be successful in the field of internet marketing, having a business of your own and gaining financial freedom. We like to train you to operate this new concept of automated business machine, it’s a different world of learning experience. We welcome you to join us.