BRANDSYS DMCC is a registered company in Dubai, UAE and founded in 2014 with office address at 3006 HDS Tower, Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai, UAE. Since Dubai is considered such as a melting pot of cultures specially in the Arab world, it became prominent in its commerce, finance and infrastructure. Today at the age of IT it has also become a cutting edge in information and computer technology.

Web Express Business (WEXB) is a concept to help people grow and learn more about the success and experience of people who have made it big in the IT industry, and now primarily on Internet Marketing.

Thus the birth of WEXB.BIZ

In a short span of time has also attracted growth in the Asian region including that of Japan and Korea where information travels fast. To the Japanese community it is a dream come true to have their home grown Masayoshi Son to rank as # 17 in Technology worldwide with networth of 13.4 Billion USD while Korea’s Lee Kun-Hee is placed at # 19 in Technology with networth of 9.3 Billion USD and Japan’s Hiroshi Mikitani ranked # 23 in Technology with networth of 8.1 Billion USD.

This is a very clear testimony that at this age and time, the internet and the speed of information can change your fortune. We are at a breakthrough phase in Internet Marketing, let us help you change your life around and experience the wealth where technology can provide. Information is king, we offer solutions to those inexperienced in this business, specially to those who complain that you may not have enough time to engage. We assure you, you do not need much time, effort and capital to enjoy the leverage advantage of Internet Marketing.

We are happy to announce that we are opening our business in Hong Kong soon, as you all know Hong Kong is a financial hub where e-commerce also thrives.